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IIT Madras develops Blockchain based Healthcare Information System

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras have developed ‘BlockTrack’, a first-of-its-kind blockchain based healthcare information system. It will enable storage of medical data and information exchange system for a mobile phone based application.

About BlockTrack

IIT Madras developed this system in collaboration with CSR support from Infosys. BlockTrack system aims to securely digitize Healthcare Information systems while protecting sensitive personal information and medical records by decentralizing the control and ownership of patient data. To protect this innovation, a provisional IP is also filed with Indian Patent Office.

The Android version of the application has been developed separately for both patients as well as doctors. BlockTrack’s algorithm generates identification codes for users and ensures uniqueness across boundaries with very minimal chance of duplication, it open up the promise of universal and transferable healthcare information management. Strong emphasis has been placed on data privacy and tracking the spread of infectious diseases across geographies.

It also allows interoperability of systems from multiple hospitals, institutes, and healthcare organisations. It integrates medical supply chain management and proactive tracking of the spread of contagious infections. The patient can choose to visit any healthcare facility which is on BlockTrack’s blockchain network without having any concerns about duplication of records.

Brains Behind

This project has been completed by a team led by Professor Prabhu Rajagopal, Lead Faculty for Remote Diagnostics, Center for Non-destructive Evaluation (CNDE), Department of Mechanical Engineering. He said, “BlockTrack is an exciting project that depicts engineering innovations that have disruptive potential to transform multiple domains. This is one of the first implementations of blockchain technology for securing Healthcare Data Management Systems and we see immense impact this approach can make in securely digitizing and maintaining unique patient records across the country and indeed across the world eventually.”

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