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We turned 1!

They say it’s not just about ideas. It’s about making them happen. They are not wrong. Being the eternal optimist that I am, the lockdown unsurprisingly came with a silver lining. I could finally focus on this blog that I had spent numerous nights designing. The idea was simple: I always struggled to find relevant news from the technology law and policy domain. Browsing multiple portals and scrolling Twitter for hours was slowly becoming a tedious daily ritual. So it made total sense to create a portal that cuts through the noise and focuses solely on technology law and policy updates, breaking down key laws and policies for the layman, alongside. And that’s how came into existence.

The first brave soul to take the plunge with me was Bhagyashree. We made some initial progress but soon realized that two alone would not be enough for bringing this endeavour to fruition in a meaningful way. With Bhavana and Medha joining operations, we somewhat steadied our ship. With my three compatriots, we carved out a skeletal organizational structure. But we did not stop there. Every organization, young or old, needs new blood and fresh ideas to survive. We also made sure to actively engage with our younger colleagues, who share our passion. With this objective in mind, we created our Telegram group for technology law resources and discussions. Fortuitously, this group served as the foundation for our internship program. The arrival of two of our most important team members, Rajat and Pukhraj, from this program, is a solid testament of our community focused approach.

However, this is not just about our team. This is just as much about you. The immense support that we have received from you guys is awe-inspiring and our gratitude remains bottomless. Whatever little we have been able to achieve in a year’s duration with such a small team would not have been possible without you. There have been many moments of panic, doubt, and frustration. But the encouragement we have received through your emails or texts is the energy that flows through us and keeps our spirits high in the toughest of situations. The enthusiasm is really contagious. We, as a team, are truly privileged to have your support. And we Thank You so much for helping us make it happen!

As always, keep blessing us with your letters of love and feedback. We are listening!


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