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Govt inaugurates online applications for easy access to geospatial data

The government of India has inaugurated three online applications for easy access to geospatial data. These are Survey of India (SOI) GEO Spatial Data Dissemination Portal, SOI’s SARTHI: WEB GIS application, and MANCHITRAN Enterprise Geoportal of National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation (NATMO).

Secretary of Department of Science & Technology, Prof. Ashutosh Sharma said, “The new Geospatial policy launched in February 2021 erased all the regulations on surveying and mapping. It removed a lot of cobwebs of the past in one sweep. With liberalizing and democratizing the Geospatial data, there will be a direct impact of about Rs. 1 Lakh Crore. It will be created by 2030 with a much bigger indirect impact on the economy.”

SOI’s GEO Spatial Data Dissemination Portal

These online portals developed by SOI are a rich repository of maps and functionalities. This will provide easy access and make the geospatial data generated out of public funds available to private users.

The portal provides a Digital Geographical Map, Railway Map, Political Map, Digital Geographical road Map, and Digital Geographical Physical map of India. With this portal, users need not visit the SOI’s office. They can purchase and download products online with the help of the Government’s Bharat Kosh payment gateway.

SARTHI Web Application

SARTHI is a web Geographical Information System (GIS). It utilizes the new advancements in web application development with GIS tools like spatial data visualization, manipulation, analysis, etc. It enables cross-organizational collaboration in consonance with the new Geospatial policy. This can be accessed in vernacular languages as well.

Surveyor General of India, SOI, Mr. Naveen Tomar said, “SARTHI web GIS will save time and resources in data validation with an audit trail. This will facilitate the Survey of villages and mapping with improvised technology in the village areas (SVAMITVA). It is a new initiative of the Panchayati Raj Ministry.


Director of NATMO, Dr. Tapati Banerjee said, this geo-portal showcases huge valuable data that NATMO acquired during its 65 years of service. Users can see, download and give feedback about the maps and atlases and different geo-spatial data layers in MANCHITRAN.

Further, NATMO has developed this geoportal mostly with indigenous Make-in-India technologies and with minimum financial involvement and time.

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