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NCRB Report reveals striking statistics on cybercrimes

The National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) has published its crime report for the year 2020. These statistics on cybercrimes make some striking revelations. Police across India registered a total of 50,035 cases of cybercrimes in 2020. It is an increase of 11.8 over 2019 (44,735) cases. The crime rate (cases per lakh population) under cybercrimes increased from 3.3 in 2019 to 3.7 in 2020.

The NCRB also gave information on the “intent” of the reported cybercrimes. In 2020, the motive behind cybercrimes was:

  • Fraud: 30,142 (or 60%) cases.
  • Sexual exploitation: 3,293 cases, or nearly 7% of all cases;
  • Extortion: (2,440 cases);
  • Causing disrepute (defamation): (1,706 cases), and;
  • Personal revenge:  (1,470 cases).

In 2020, these five motives accounted for 78 percent of all reported cybercrime cases.

Further, the entire criminal justice machinery is marred with huge pendency, with very low conviction rates.

A word of caution before we proceed further

There is no doubt that these numbers are concerning. While the bureau is careful to point out a word of Caution that this data does not necessarily imply increased crime. It could simply indicate that individuals are becoming better at reporting it. The tendencies identified in the research are intriguing.

The States with Highest reported Cybercrimes

Uttar Pradesh- 6280

Karnataka- 5839

Maharashtra- 3511

Assam- 2022

Andhra Pradesh- 1207

The charge sheet rate across India stands at 49.0, much lower than 75.8% in IPC crimes.

The States with Highest Reported Major Cybercrimes

Tampering Source Code (S.65): Karnataka- 191, U.P- 118.

Unauthorized Access (S.66): Karnataka- 10109, Uttar Pradesh- 6616, Assam- 1500, Jharkhand- 941, Maharashtra- 394.

Identity Theft (S.66C): Karnataka- 3513, Jharkhand- 306, Uttar Pradesh- 275, Maharashtra- 211, Assam- 154

Cheating by Personation (S.66D): Karnataka- 6486, UP- 1878, Assam- 1160, Jharkhand- 203, Haryana- 181.

Publication of obscene/ sexually explicit act (S.67,67A): Uttar Pradesh- 2120, Assam- 1132, Odisha- 524, Karnataka- 406, Tamil Nadu- 399.

Child Pornography (S.67B): UP- 266, Karnataka- 122, Maharashtra- 120, Kerala- 101, Odisha- 71.

Cyber Fraud: Telangana- 3316, Maharashtra- 2032, Bihar- 1294, Odisha- 1079, UP- 837.

Credit card/ debit card Fraud: Total cases- 2870. Telangana- 611, Maharashtra- 539, Bihar- 509, Haryana-210.

Metropolitan cities: 809- Mumbai- 319, Delhi- 206, Hyderabad- 181, Ahmedabad- 41

Statistics around Prosecution and Disposal of Cases By Courts

Total Number of Cases Reported in 2020: 29643

Cases Pending Investigation from 2019: 34733

Case True but Insufficient Evidence or Untraced or No Clue: 8198

Total cases charge-sheeted (2019+2020): 9194

Chargesheeting rate: 49.0

Total cases pending trial (2019+2020): 25540

Cases disposed off without Trial (compounding/ quashing): 2692

Convictions: 631

Discharged cases: 64

Acquittals: 288

Category: Cyber Crimes Against Women

Total cases for investigation: 2334

States with highest cases: Odisha- 556, Assam- 395, UP- 338, Tamil Nadu-188, Kerala- 119

Cases True but insufficient evidence or untraced or no clue: 444

Chargeeted Cases: 806

Court Pendency (last 2 years): 2065

Total Conviction (last 2 years): 11

Category: Cyber Crimes Against Women involving publication of sexually explicit material

Total cases for investigation: 2786

States with highest cases: Uttar Pradesh- 325, Odisha- 292, Assam- 211, Tamil Nadu- 147, Karnataka- 142

Cases True but insufficient evidence or untraced or no clue: 289

Chargeeted Cases: 690

Court Pendency (last 2 years): 1600

Total Conviction (last 2 years): 10

Category: Crime Against Women- Blackmailing/ defamation/ morphing/ fake profile

Total cases for investigation: 1236

States with highest cases: Odisha- 234, Assam- 184, Tamil Nadu- 41, Telangana- 34, Andhra Pradesh- 28

Cases True but insufficient evidence or untraced or no clue: 155

Chargeeted Cases: 116

Court Pendency (last 2 years): 465

Total Conviction (last 2 years): 1

Category: Child Pornography

Total cases for investigation: 1200

States with highest cases: Bihar- 106, Kerala- 86, Jharkhand- 71, Karnataka- 54, Tamil Nadu- 53

Cases True but insufficient evidence or untraced or no clue: 11

Chargeeted Cases: 510

Court Pendency (last 2 years): 2635

Total Conviction (last 2 years): 45

About NCRB

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) is an Indian Govt agency. It is responsible for collecting and analyzing crimes data as defined by the IPC. It works under the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

The NCRB brings out three annual reports. These are, (i) Crimes in India, (ii) Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India, and (iii) Prison Statistics. These reports are principle reference points for Police officers, researchers, media & policymakers.

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