DoT proposes OTP based conversion of Prepaid connections to Post-paid

The Department of Telecommunication (DoT) in its notification dated 21st May, 2021, has released a Proof of Concept (PoC) for conversion of mobile connections from Prepaid to Post-paid and vice versa using an OTP based process. During the entire process, the SIM shall remain in the subscriber’s possession and no change of SIM shall be undertaken.

Under the existing guidelines, if a customer wants to convert her mobile connection, she has to undergo the entire KYC process again. This entire process seems redundant since the conversion doesn’t entail any change of ownership. Only billing type changes.

The proposed procedure

The proof of concept (PoC) proposes that Telecom Service Providers can convert connections as per the following process:

  • Any person who wishes to change her mobile connection shall send a request to the service provider. This request may be sent via SMS, Interactive Response Voice System (IVRS), website or authorized app of the service provider.
  • After receiving the request for conversion, the service provider will send a message to the subscriber’s mobile number confirming that she has requested the conversion of her mobile number from Prepaid to Post-paid or vice versa. This message will include a unique transaction ID and a One-Time password (OTP). This OTP will expire in 10 minutes.
  • Successful validation of the OTP will be treated as a consent of the subscriber for the conversion of mobile number.
  • The service provider will need to inform the subscriber about the date and time of conversion in advance, via text message or through IVRS. After this, the conversion will be completed within the date and time already intimated to the subscriber.
  • Once the process is complete, the service provider will send one confirmation message to the subscriber’s mobile number.
  • If during the period of conversion, there is any disruption of services, it shall not exceed 30 minutes.  
  • Service providers shall maintain the details of the conversion process including date and time of request, conversion, and OTP.
  • The subscriber can re-convert only after 90 days of the previous conversion. Licensee should inform this to customer, before the process of conversion starts.

Other details of the Proposal

The above mentioned conversion process is not applicable to mobile connections of Jammu & Kashmir and Bulk mobile connections. Also, the above mentioned conversion process will be applicable to mobile connections issued by paper-based process, and also e-KYC and D-KYC process. This will act as an alternate process of conversion.

Further, it is the duty of the service provider to make sure that only bona fide subscribers use this form of conversion and there is no change in ownership and / or demographic details of the subscribers.

Lastly, the service provider shall also ensure that restrictions imposed by DoT from time to time in J&K and rest of the country shall be carefully followed. Any lapse in this respect shall be the sole responsibility of the licensee.

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